Thoughts from the 8th Annual Website Design Competition

Tuesday, 17. December 2013

Sponsored by the MCWT Foundation, the 8th Annual Website Design Competition for high school girls again demonstrated the knowledge, creativity and dedication from all who participated in the competition. This year the theme for the websites was “Ancestors: OMG!”, encouraging not only creativity, but also some research on behalf of each contestant.  Below are statements from Savannah Ruby, a student from Computer Science Academy in East Lansing, and her teacher, Michelle Jennings.


“The MCWT Website Design Competition for girls never seemed like an option for me never having known anything about web design. The opportunity to participate has pushed me to learn so much about not only web design in two months, but my ancestors too. The knowledge I gained from the research for this competition has made me a more well-rounded individual and a more involved family member. I bring a lot more to the table now that I know how to create my own website, how to use Dreamweaver and so many other software packages. I feel more prepared for college and more ready than ever to move on in my education and becoming more involved in everything MCWT has to offer.”

Savannah Ruby
Senior student in the Computer Science Academy

“Last year I listened to a presentation about MCWT in Lansing and was very excited that this opportunity was coming to the Mid-Michigan area and joined immediately. I have always wanted to collaborate with females in my field of computer science and never knew about MCWT.  I volunteered to be the MCWT Mid-Michigan K12  Chairperson since I have a strong interest to assist with creating a pipeline of individuals pursuing their degrees in computer science. I am hoping that the Mid-Michigan area will contact MCWT since we offer so many opportunities. For example, schools can start a GET-IT after school program.  As you can see from Savannah’s comment, MCWT makes a difference in a student’s life.”

Michelle M. Jennings
MCWT Mid-Michigan K12 Chairperson
Computer Science Academy Instructor


jenningsMichelle M. Jennings has been employed at Ingham Intermediate School District for 15 years. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and business, a master’s degree in information technologies and a master’s degree + from University of Colorado.  She is currently the instructor for the Computer Science Academy, a collaborative partnership between Ingham ISD, the Capital Area Information Technology Council (IT), and Michigan State University Federal Credit Union, engaged in educating high school students to pursue computer science degrees.

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  1. Janette Phillips Says:

    Thank you Michelle and Savannah for the blog posting and your support and enthusiasm of the web design competition. Happy Holidays!

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