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Wednesday, 1. May 2013

I am excited to share my experience on how the Executives in Technology Leadership Exchange 2013 event influenced my future efforts. It was refreshing and exciting to be in a room where the energy was so high. I felt invigorated and it left me with so much enthusiasm. I believe it was due to the wisdom and knowledge the Leadership Panel shared to help women in IT to grow, and the teaching was phenomenal.  Also learning of the job opportunities the event sponsors had to offer: GM, Ford Motor Co., and Chrysler Group. The following executives were included on the Leadership Panel: Kim Hammond, CIO, Boeing Co., Karenann Terrell EVP & CIO Walmart, Shelia Jordon, Sr. VP, Cisco and David Behen CIO, State of Michigan. Overall, it was a great pleasure being able to meet and network with people who share the same interest.

One of the first collaborations was on the selection of recent graduates – Chris Murphy, editor of Information Week, served as facilitator and posed a question to the leadership panel regarding the selection process of recent college graduates. I was glad this question was asked because it prepared me on what’s to be expected when pursuing employment in the IT field. Although I may have the knowledge, my resume doesn’t yet reflect  IT experience.

David Behen, CIO, State of Michigan  shared what he looks for from recent graduates:  projects they worked on, their energy level, what  they bring best to the table, any coaching and development and leadership roles, and where their thinking process lies. The knowledge I gained from David prepared me for my next interview process, and I plan on adding to my portfolio projects.

Kim Hammonds, CIO, The Boeing Company, focused on getting people to trust one another and learn through the process. Her demeanor was calm and I was able to relate to her as she was responding to the facilitator’s question. She was very informative, as was the entire preeminient technology leadership panel as they spoke on future technology.

Lastly, I am in search of a mentor that’s willing to work with me so I won’t lose sight of the vision or the knowledge I gained. This is the boost I needed to stay focused, and I want to give a special thanks to Rita M. Barrios, Ph. D. Assistant Professor for the invitation to attend this conference.


Detrich_FullerDetrich Fuller is a recent graduate student from University of Detroit Mercy, May 2012.  She holds a Master of Science degree in information assurance and Bachelor of Science degree in computer Information Systems from Marygrove College. She was consistently on the Dean’s list.  She is an IT and administrative professional with 10 years of experience in facilitating support services and office management in the health care and insurance industries. 

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  1. Mary Starling Says:

    Very nice recap!!! I also share your comment on how invigorating the Exchange was and the networking was wonderful. Looking forward to next year!

  2. Denise Hight Says:

    Denise Hight on the gift of knowledge-I think its great being part of and around successful and powerful people. Especially those that are educators. Do not allow this moment to pass without gaining whatever you can from his or her mind. Without good teachers and wise instructions, who will lead the way?

    Continue to stand in the presence of good leaders, mentors, instructors so you will also instill the gift of knowledge in a young mind.

    Much success in your endeavors in the Technology field.

  3. Dujuan Black Says:

    These type of events are very important and informative for recent and soon to be graduates. The information at these events are priceless and can/will help jump start many careers. Great blog!

  4. Cynthia Scott-Hill Says:

    I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. I know that your perseverance and tenacity will lead you to a successful career in technology field. Not only have you surpassed the odds, but you have overcame many obstacles. I truly support you and this is the star quality that outshines the average.

  5. Dianne HInton Says:


    Reading your article and the way you recapped the information, I felt invigorated and enthusiasm.

    I’m glad you had an opportunity to be part of such a dynamic forum and to utilize this information in your future endeavor.

  6. Stephenia Lewis Says:

    Wow!!I am happy this event inspired and set your future on fire blazin around the stars..KEEP it movin’

  7. Stephenia Lewis Says:

    Excellent job!! I know this was an event where the opportunity to excel in
    your field inspired your future .

  8. Monet Watley Says:

    This is totally awesome!!!!!! Knowing that this is your passion and this is your year to shine

  9. DeziRae Hight Says:

    This is a very informative post. It definitely provides insight on what employers are looking for from current/future graduates. You are an absolute motivation for a young woman who is studying in the Technology field. You are driven and motivated. You will be successfully in your career and also a role model for myself to stay focus. Great blog Mrs. Fuller!!

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