MCWT Internship Program Spotlight: An IT Intern’s Perspective

Wednesday, 18. September 2013

My name is Chloe Jennings, a current intern at Blue Care Network.  Having just graduated Lake Shore High School with a 4.13 average, I applied for an internship at Blue Care Network’s IT department. The vice president of BCN IT, Janet MacQueen, was judging the websites in the MCWT Annual Web Design Competition, which I placed in. She approached me afterwards and spoke highly about interning at Blue Care Network.  On June 3, two days after my commencement, I started working as an intern. I have to admit it was very unusual at first, having previously worked at a burger joint.  But now I have been working for a little over two months, and have learned so much about the workforce or as I like to call it “The Real World”. I have created presentations for my projects, attended staff meetings, participated in team bonding, and been given deadlines. I even have my own cubicle!

One of my projects was to roll out a “Sea Life” theme that was to support BCN IT’s diversity and collaboration efforts for its workforce. Due to the health care reform, BCN IT resources were working to meet project deadlines; so I was hired to implement the “Sea Life” theme so it could become part of the BCN IT culture.  My web design skills and creativity were put to good use!  .  Creating the “Adopt – A – Fish Program” was the highlight of my internship. This project was designed to take the six departments and assign a sea to each. Inside each sea, the employees would receive a fish native to that area along with a fish biography and picture to hang outside their cubicles. Employees would go around and read one another’s facts and laugh, engaging in a nice five minute relaxation time. I have also made boards for the IT contributions to Making Strides against Breast Cancer.

I’ve met some amazing people, employees who have been working here 30 years, along with another intern attending the same college as I am in the fall. I fully understand the term teamwork in an office environment. My internship has truly been an experience, learning new skills and allowing me to make connections that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am so thankful for this opportunity and to start my college life in the fall!

ChloeJennings photoChloe Jennings is a 2013 graduate of Lake Shore High School in St. Clair Shores.  She won second place in MCWT’s Web Design Contest and earned an MCWT four-year college scholarship. Chloe heads to MSU this fall where she will double major in computer engineering and art. 

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  1. Kathleen Norton-Schock Says:

    Chloe: You are a great example of EXACTLY the kind of ambitious person/woman that MCWT is honored to foster. Like many of the girls and women who went before you, we hope you choose to “Pay It Forward” in some way at MSU, and through continuing membership in MCWT. We always needs role models to help encourage other young (and older!) women to constantly pursue their dreams. Thanks for your articulate comments, and thanks for being a great part of our programs!

    Kathleen Norton-Schock
    long-time MCWT member and marketing/communications committee volunteer

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