MCWT (My Career Was Transformed)

Thursday, 5. September 2013

In 2000, my world both flipped and flopped.

My only child left for college, and true to my profession (geek), I immediately began donating my extra time to my work. I loved my job and my company, but I was a new manager in a place where management education didn’t exist, and there were – *gasp of surprise* – no female role models. In spite of my innate but undeveloped leadership abilities, I really had no idea what I was doing, and got my first ever lousy performance review – after a lifetime of being a superstar. Putting in extra time doing more of the same thing was not an effective career strategy, rather just a time filler.

As is my typical response to a new problem, I read everything I could find, and discovered that I needed some management skills, some role models and a mentor, and some way to find a personal management style amongst the group of all white men around me.

Nothing to it! All I needed was a group of women with some educational programs, where I could meet other women in technology and management, who faced the same kind of environment I had, learn their styles, meet roles models and maybe find a mentor…. rrriiiggghhhtttt!

With the advent of MCWT, I found the women leaders I hoped were out there somewhere. These mentors and role models helped me find my own way of managing, and figure out how to turn my fledgling leadership abilities into something of real value at work, without trying to copy people who were not at all like me!

As an MCWT volunteer, I got the opportunity to learn how to genuinely lead.  As I have told many of my folks since, if people who are not getting paid to do it are following you, then you are truly leading!

MCWT quite literally changed my life, unflipped my flop, and most importantly, most unexpectedly, brought me a group of incredible lifetime friends!


Rosemary Bayer
Co-founder, Lifetime Member and FAN of MCWT

rosemary_bayerAn inventor, leader, and motivator, Rosemary Bayer has had a long, successful career in information technology.  She was one of the founders of the Michigan Council of Women in Technology, and went on to create and lead the MCWT Foundation.  Rosemary also invented and built NetBackup (now a product of Veritas).

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  1. Carey Pachla Says:


    Look at what your leadership, passion and quest to share has created! MCWT is more than an 5013C organization but is a group (very large now) of women and men that are all gaining professionally and personally from one another.

    Hats off to you and all the wonderful leaders that have created something truly special.

    Carey Pachla
    Fan of Rosemary and MCWT!

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